Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's this? A brand NEW Game??

That's right!

There's a new MAIN SQUEEZE in my life now. :)

I've been off enjoying life without scrappy necessities for many months now. During that time, I found a new LOVE that I think you'll enjoy as much as I do and I want to introduce you! Check it out: Making Memories Vintage Groove CUSTOM jewelry by Jill Schwartz!
The BEST part of all this is that it's available at 20 Michael's locations across the country including.....the one RIGHT HERE in MY neck of the woods at the Factoria Michael's Store! How totally COOL is that??

It's a sunny morning in Seattle (and in September that's a big deal), so I'm heading over as soon as they open to pick up a little somethin' something and will be back later to share! We'll also be looking for a homecoming dress for my daughter. Teenage girls can be SOOOO picky!?

Then we have plans to join our neighbors this evening for dinner at a nice French Restaurant in downtown Seattle :) ...who knows - maybe I'll even remember to snap some pictures and share on here later! Can't wait to show you all the fabby cool things from Making Memories Vintage Groove Jewelery!! It's so hip and fits perfectly with all the accessorizing that we're seeing right now in fashion! Go check it out at the Factoria Michael's if you're in the area and let me know what YOU think about the line!

Thanks for stopping by - hope you have an awesome, amazing day where ever you are! :)