Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Card Making Time!

I was able to play a bit last night after going shopping at Michael's from 6-8pm! (No tellin hubby that I was out - he's back from Santa Barbara soon, and as long as I can put things away I think all will be ok!)

I love the chunky glitter from Martha Stewart. I got the BIG fat hefty jar - so it seems that jar of glitter may be here long after I'm dead! LOL Anyway, it reminds me of retro holiday stuff from the 50's, and that's what I am using for cards today! The entire sheet of about 36 images was on one 12x12 sheet of paper -- for 1.29 at the scrapbook store. What a great deal! The Bazzill coordinates go very nicely with it, so I may go back for more...I'm already out of the brown and red.

Anyway, I hope you had a great turkey day and enjoy the sales! There are a LOT of them going on!

Oh, tell me what YOU'd use the chunky glitter for besides cards...I need some help using this up! LOL

Happy Black Friday, everyone!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 11-27-08

We have so much to be thankful for.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving Day. May we all appreciate what we have and make the most of it.


P.S. The little glass votive candles were on sale at Michael's - a set of 6 for only 1.99 - so I bought them for our 'long white table in the entryway - great deal, huh? Now I wish I had bought the green and red ones for Christmas too! The saying, "Bushels of Blessings" came from one of those $1 stamp sets at Paper Zone - I've used it a lot lately! :)

The stamped pieces were super simple and fun with the Stampin Up Curvy Label Punch Bundle (on sale for 30% off RIGHT NOW, but in limited quantities. I think you should get one...have you seen all the neat things that you can do with it?) The ribbons are American Crafts, Ben Franklin sheers, and some rolls from Micheal's.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun Day in Bellevue at Meydenbauer

ETA: Look at last year's picture at the Crafty Secrets booth with SANDY... Yep, it's the same green jacket. In another picture, even earlier, in 2005, I have the same green amber necklace on! What is up with THAT? LOL

I was lucky enough to go to the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Bellevue today. After feeling pretty cruddy yesterday and worrying about the house in Santa Barbara because of wildfires, I felt like it would be a nice getaway and take my mind off feeling bad and worrying. I was right.

Check out the fun!

Vicki Chrisman: Crafter/inventor of cool things from This Art that Makes Me Happy! She designs for Crafty Secrets and this was the first time that I actually met Vicki - WOW! I can see why everyone loves her! She is immediately lovable and soooo cute! Thank you for the very cute make n take, Vicki, at the Crafty Secrets booth! I had fun chatting with you, Sandi and Sandi's husband, Scott, too :)

Some adorable cards from the DeNami Booth, and where I bought LOTS of stamps! I could have bought more if I didn't have a budget..dang!

Next is Nami from DeNami Designs. 2 of her daughters were also at the show - they are just beautiful and are sooooo pretty! Nice work on stamps and the kids, Nami! ;-)

Then there's a picture of a great stamped scrapbook page by Technique Tuesday - love it! Would you believe up to 75% off at their booth? Wowzers!

And finally my cousin, Carrie, and aunt, Candy, who are also scrapbookers, on our way out of the show.

My aunt who is on the right, is alot of fun - she emails me regularly - my boss at work enjoys reading the emails when he covers for me....once he sees her picture he'll probably have a crush on her - she's cute!

Cousin Carrie (on the left) has three little boys who are all killer cute and soo smart! WOWZA! She entered a page but didn't tell me about it until after it was too late to take a photo or I'd share it here.

I've got some pictures of THINGS that I made that I will be sharing soon too :)

I met up with lots of old friends today and also made several new friends!

Happy Saturday everyone....say a little prayer for the Tea Fire in Santa Barbara...we don't want that thing spreading any closer to "las tunas"!!!! (Our home down there)...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Got a minute? Go and read this blogger's story on the quilt that she is giving away. It is amazing and really it made me tear up when I looked at the quilt. That doesn't normally happen to me. I could feel and see the love that was poured into this one! Go check it out...and enter - it's just too beautiful to not enter! I may have to keep going back to this blog now...darn...I did not want to get hooked on another craft - and this makes me want to quilt!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My oh my!

A quilt giveaway...something I am hoping to win...and that's the only reason why I'm posting on my blog - it gives me 3 extra chances to win these dog- gone sweet quilts! It's not that I don't want you to win (I do), but I want to win first! LOL

Ok, so go, check it out, and enter if you must...

And if you win well, let's say you owe me for telling you! ;-)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A-Muse(d) on a Friday Night!

Friday night I WAS able to go to the A-Muse Cupcake Social at their new location in Greenwood! At first I thought work was going to interfere and I wouldn't be able to go :( But everything turned out and I had soooo much fun!

I was able to meet the adorable Amy Tsuruta of Tsuruta Designs, (she's holding our Make n Take)...we were naughty and tried to CUT (unintentionally) in the line...and got caught by the stamp patrol...LOL and Novell Eckstrom from Splitcoast, and Julie HRR too! Talk about a fun bunch of crazy women! If you only could have been there......

It was nice to see some familiar faces as well....Kandi, Donna, and of course, Linda, the owner of A Muse Art Stamps! And Jen D too...who says most people do not remember her last name...and she's right - I didn't remember it :( (I'm a loozer!) The place was like wall to wall A Muse Addicts and A Muse Designers and Instructors! One could not wish to be in a better was like Stamp Heaven I tell you!

There were delicious BIG Cupcakes with little stamped images of the A-Muse cupcakes on the picks, and some tasty red beverages served in tiny little martini glasses. (I'd like another, please!)

Our Goodie Bags were packed up sweetly with the brand new Cupcake set, Pink AND Red Dotted Notecards, An Assortment of Pretty Little Paper Gift Card Enclosures, some Creative Candy Rhinestones (multi colored package), a yummy "Hey Cupcake" stamp and Reversible PINK striped Ribbon!! It's the best Party Favor Bag ever!

I filled a little shopping basket up but was able to stop myself before my credit card declined! :) I want to post a photo shortly of the goodies, but for now I'm sharing the pics of the PEOPLE! (somehow not all of my pics are on my memory card .... boohoo...) At least some of them are ok! Maybe the batteries going dead had something to do with it? Novell and Amy, I don't have the pics we took together :( If you took one, could you email it to me please?)

Stop by the A-Muse Store if you get a chance. Linda and her posse did an incredible job renovating it into it's current blissful state!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Here we've got the most 'creepy/scary costume', then George "Dub-Yuh" (not THAT George, the other one!), my associate, Phil, who is dressed as one of the guys from "Men at Work" - we thought he was going to do YMCA on the stage, but I think he did a strip show?? ACK! Just kidding... and then finally the Peanuts Gang! Deb who was "Woodstock" came back early after surgery - that crazy woman! She was supposed to stay home at least another week if not two! What a trooper!