Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Looks like we're in for more snow today. I'm on vacation this week and it's a good thing. There's no way I'd ever get out of our driveway let alone out of this terribly steep and winding neighborhood where there are cliffs that drop off 50'-60' to houses below. (There's "Black Betty", my baby, underneath at least 15" of snow).

We've been watching the Christmas ships on Lake Washington the past few nights and I should have snapped a picture but missed the opportunity. It's a beautiful display against the darkness of a winter's night and a really special treat at this time of year to not only see the ships with their pretty lights, but also to hear the choir singing on the ships also!

On the down side, with all of this cold weather, one of our faucets in the backyard side of the house started spewing water a couple days ago (it was the first time we've gotten above freezing in more than a week). When I called the plumber, we were at least a day or two out because of so many other emergencies. Since our emergency was outside and not 'waterfalling' INSIDE the house, we figured we could wait. He gave me some advice though, and I FIXED IT MYSELF! (He told me what to try, and after about an hour, it worked! So, not only did we save the $350 service call, but we have water again!) Running water is something it's easy to take for we know better!

Even better, hubby is actually going to make it back into town on Christmas day! Earlier this week we weren't counting on it because of all the cancellations at the airport. Things are supposed to be on schedule again, but, he had already grabbed the last room on Amtrak and is due in on Christmas afternoon! YAY!! I don't think he has a clue how much I miss him when he's gone. This time was especially trying with the bad weather and the faucet issue...

Nevertheless, we have much to be thankful for and many friends, family and neighbors that love us. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and the very BEST wishes for the New Year as well.


Monday, December 8, 2008

GUESS where I went today!?

Ellen Hutson's Place!! THE Ellen from Simple Dreams blog! OMG I was in heaven! TONS of new Tim Holtz stuff, loads of CHF, A-Muse, Claudine Helmuth, BasicGrey, Copics, Versamark Dazzle pads, MayArts and more....what a way to make my Monday! I met Ellen's staff - they are all very nice ladies, but Beth is especially great! And the lady who gave us the tour is incredible (OMG I did not get her name!) We got to go into her studio and see a little sneaky peeky of something she was working on! :) (my lips are sealed) and I saw how organized she is. Wow! No wonder she can create masterpieces!

I had a grand time and share the surprise visit with my friend from work. We are going to plan another outing there soon! I just love their special customer service attention! ;-) I'll share later and show what I got! :) Happy Clam dancin today! :) And yes, I did manage to work too, in spite of my computer being out all day (again!)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Card share 12.07.08

There was soooo much going on this week! On top of all that, my car decided it didn't want to start after I was already out in the a parking garage in Bellevue (on Wednesday). I had to park down several levels in the garage...where your cell phone does not work. Hours later AAA got me going again (they still can hot-wire a car if needed, ask me how I know)....

Anyway, the car is back home happy now!

Maybe you've got a favorite car - if so, tell me what it is. I need some sort of fuel economy (though nothing can be worse than the 5.51/gallon that I was paying just a couple months ago)....and I want heated seats + all wheel drive...everything else is just icing...I should have been out shopping for a car this weekend but it just didn't happen.

About the cards...I start a lot of things but always seem to get distracted so finishing things is a problem around here.

Inside the blue card is a dollar stamp - I like that little topiary! Might have to use it on other cards too soon! On the front is an Elzybells image from A-Muse. But I don't actually own the stamp - it was an image that I traded for...wish I had bought that stamp now! Pretend you don't see the message that I wrote too. I should've shot the picture before I wrote the message, but did it backwards...oops.

The other card uses K & Co.'s Swell Noel. I love, love, love that line! The colors are so perfect for card making, and I just love the old-fashioned images! On the front is an A-Muse image with glitter all around. Have a great evening everyone!


p.s. I was tagged a few times, but I am not good at getting those up. I will really try to do it later tonight!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tim Holtz

The 12 days of tags is back .... I won yesterday and got the prize that I wanted! :)

Go - enter can win too if I did!

His work is absolutely amazing. I hope this doesn't start another obsession with me...maybe too late already.