Saturday, July 26, 2008


Here's my card with sewing on it. Stampendous makes those really cute bees. I got mine off Ebay and then found them locally for a lot less :(
The phrase is stamped on patterned paper and then the entire piece is covered with irridescent ice embossing so it is nice and sparkly! Patterned paper was from a (KI?) package at our local Joanns.

It's not ALL bad outside (yet) so I'm heading out for some sunning~

Happy Saturday!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy card days ahead....

the weather isn't supposed to last, so I'll be inside this weekend, probably making cards...and missing the sun.

Here are a couple more cards....

Top card has SU stamps, SU paper, and some big colored half pearls with sticky already on em!

Bottom card is Gina K. The little white strip isn't supposed to show...but it does. Oh well. See? These are not all star cards...but I got them out anyway! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Card Time

Ok, I had a few minutes and snapped some pictures of cards that were sitting here waiting to 'go' to people.....Things have been busy in our lives. Seattle's weather is unbeatable and absolutely gorgeous! Tomorrow is forecast to be the same. My tan is sooooooo perfect this year! ahhh......

And now the cards. (I want to start trying to do some sewing on my cards, so you may see those next....I made one that is just 'ok'). Some of these are cards that I didn't want to post at first, but I'm going to be brave and stick 'em out there anyway.

77 degrees.....

That top card is from a RAK image that I got a month or so ago- I wish I had that stamp - love the dragonfly wings! :)

The pink/brown card is an SU set, colored with Copics and 'shiny-ed' up with SU's glassy glaze (Crystal Effects), and some el-cheapo rhinestones. The "HAPPY" is embossed in vanilla - makes me hungry just thinking about the chocolatey, vanilla and strawberrry ice cream pink on this card!

"Take Care" is from PaperTrey and the floral is of course, from Stampin Up! Can you see the glittered stamens on the blue flower and the distressed linen background that is stamped in blue? Don't click the close up because you will see my bad coloring on that little blueberry branch....

Final card is supposed to be a sympathy card. The little blue butterflies are punched out with a Martha Stewart Punch and folded so their wings are 'flying' off the card.

That's it for now. Gotta go hit the barbeque for dinner :) Grilled SHRIMP...are you hungry yet? I am! ;-)


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tag...I'm it

I'm back for some good old fashioned fun....

Remember playing tag when you were little? Well that was before video games and all the electronics that abound these days (I don't think my kids are very good at tag, but I sure was!). Abra Leah tagged me and I am going to have to play along!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Moving into a new home in Mill Creek, WA. We had just "come home" from living in Santa Barbara for 8 years. I started working at the newspaper once again in advertising.

Five things on today's To Do List:
1. Buy antihistamine or calamine for the 3 mosquito bites that I got last night while picking our neighbor's raspberries. (We ended up with more than a gallon of raspberries, but the mosquito bites are really bad. I'm allergic to their venom/anti-coagulant and they've swollen into 4" blobs on my arm and legs)
2. Make a little treat for my boss (to cheer him up). His brand new Mini Cooper was broken into last night - the theif stole his Ipod, cell phone, wallet (highly sentimental gift from his wife), and some favorite CD's (thank goodness I got my Chris Botti and Jason Mraz cds back from him before it happened!). His mac was in there too, but at the last minute, he brought it into their house or it would have been taken also. He was bummed big time and we didn't see him for most of the day.3. Head to Loew's with hubby for some garden stuff - Oops, it might be too late for this one now...
4. Daily walk
5. Run dishwasher - what a boring life, eh?

I'm addicted to:
1. Jason Mraz's CD -We Sing, We Dance, We Steal. Best Song on there: LUCKY !!!
2. Chris Botti's extra track called Emmanuel on the Italia album
3. Starbucks
4. Trophy Cupcakes - but I've been on a diet and have not had one for more than 2 weeks...whew! No wonder I'm cranky!
5. Have been caught up in shopping lately - for clothes and shoes! :)

Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Implement a program to support public education/reading for special ed kids
2. Donate to Chung Wa Benevolent Association
3. Buy the property behind us so we could tear the house down and put 'nature' back into place (the house has been there for many years though, so I don't know if that could really ever happen)
4. Money's all gone now - lol
5. Find a Metallic Brown Clubman Cooper (I've already name her Brown Betty) that I could buy NOW and not have to wait months for

Places I have lived:
1. Seattle
2. Santa Barbara

These are some of my favorites and I am tagging them...
Go check them out!

Stampin When I can

My Crafty little stampin page
(She got me hooked on Chris Botti and Jason Mraz!)

Mish Mash:


The Pioneer Woman cooks:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hey! Today is my Blogiversary Day!


I just realized my 1st year Blogiversary is today! So along with the 3 PIFs, I will be thinking up something fun for a blog candy giveaway! :)

I'll start with the PIF today. Please let me know if you would like to participate in the Pay-it-Forward RAK game. I love the stuff that I got from Abra Leah! One of the items was a group of stamped images from a retired SU set that I would love to find! Here's a card that I made with the butterfly. It looks kind of garish because of the dazzling diamonds glitter, but it's kinda neat in real life. Just don't click on it for a close up - it looks sort of bad that way.

The weather is a lot cooler today. I am still at home and not working. Yippeee.... I miss my people that I work with though. Enough that I called them today and asked them to meet me for lunch tomorrow so I think we'll have fun!

Hope you are all having a great day! don't forget to let me know if you want to play PIF! :) My understanding is that I send out goodies for you, then you post on your blog and PIF to 3 more new people!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Actually let's make it TWO cards....

I should have added that I didn't really fall. I injured the rotator by carrying a hanging basket of flowers through our building, through the parking lot and put it in my car...sounds silly - I should have let the guy from the nursery carry it to my car like the rest of the staff who got baskets! Anyway, the 2nd card is right there. These are super simple cards and I love that they are cheery and fun~


Help...I've fallen and can't get (caught) up!!

Well besides the gorgeous 94 degree weather on Sunday, I had to start Physical Therapy today for an injury to my left rotator cuff. Painful but at least it won't require surgery! I'm off work all this week which is a good thing - otherwise I'd be playin hookey!

I have a card to single, loney little card.... It's super simple and I added a little ladybug embellishment that someone sent in part of blog candy package last year. (The ladybug is REALLY dimensional - it was so thick, it didn't fit into an envelope, but I had some clear boxes that card sets come in and I used that instead and added a cute 'wrapper' on the box. I didn't get a picture before it went out the door though :(

Have a great day! I hope all is well~ I will get that PIF done soon - just have not had the chance to do it yet.