Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I think I know the answer!!

I came across this blog that is having a Boggle word game -- and I think I know the answer! Do you?? Go and check it out and play!!

Here's the link:
It's called Bella's Boggled Word Game in case the link doesn't work.

I also picked up a spot for some blog candy here at Mistilynn's where she uses my fave colors on quite a few projects! I'll definitely be heading back over there, too!

Then, last but not least, a card with my favorite colors again: -- ok, Blogger is not letting me load the card, so I will try it again later....Should have done the faux stitching on the rumply turquoise with black striped piece of paper toward the top....maybe next time.

Thanks for stopping by! Does it feel cold to you? It's because we had a 38 degree morning...brrrr.....when is the warm weather coming back?


Check this out!!!! YUM!!

Have you all seen this already? I just sent it over to Taylor Van Bruggen - hopefully she enjoys it!


I thought it was absolutely delightful!

The card is for a certain someone who shares a LOT of blogging information and I feel like I know her from reading her blog every day - I'm sending it off tomorrow! I hope she likes it! :)

Though it's officially Tuesday, I'm giving the weather report from Monday. Hail, wind, thunderstorms and cold....blech! What happened to the sun?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feeling like an aged wine today....

...maybe not such a great one either!

Saturday was one of the most glorious days Seattle has seen in many months! It's been at least 6 months since the weather was this nice....we hit 80! I took my son to Qwest Field to see the Dalai Lama, but I had no clue that we would be doing sooooo much walking. We parked about a mile away. Then the line to go through security was probably 3 blocks....but it kept moving pretty well. Once inside, we ran the maze (think of a rat maze) to get up to our seats. We were literally in the nosebleed area, I tell ya! Section 335, row LL and all the way at the end of lineup of seats...of course. Not only were the people down on the field the size of ants, it was really difficult to hear most of the speaking because of the reverb on the speakers. My poor son is hearing impaired and could not understand ANY of what was said. I felt bad after dragging him along for that 2 mile trek to and from the Field....but we made up for it later that evening!

My parents have finally retired after many years of running their own business and we celebrated Saturday evening. They've had many friends, neighbors and acquaintances cross both their paths. And they still remain very close to a lot of their childhood friends and neighbors! My youngest brother who is generally a confirmed bachelor put the entire retirement party thing together. He arranged the location (on the most gorgeous waterfront home near the Locks), set up the menu, did the shopping, cooking, arranged for parking etc. I'm so proud of him - I think he could actually pull off a wedding at this point! The guest list was over 100, and because the weather was nice, people ended up staying a LONG time....which was fine. The house has a basketball court and a handball court on the lower level -so all of the 'younger' attendees got to hang out either on the dock or in one of the courts playing. I ended up playing tennis for a good hour and am sooooo sore this morning! My back and arm aches even when I'm just sitting! I love our family and all the great memories that we have had - I feel really lucky to hang with such goofy but great people! Ernie - if you happen to read this, I owe you! I didn't think you could really do it all...and I will be inviting YOU to our next party (but only if you promise to make your famous Sangria for all)!

Our weekend isn't over yet though! We've got a birthday for my hubby today - unfortunately the sunshine is gone already and it's been sprinkling. :(

I did manage to put a card together this morning before anyone else got up - those lightweights can't handle a party like big mama can! LOL (I'm referring to myself as big mama, btw!)

This is for a challenge at World Win papers. I hope you like it! I haven't decide who it is going to, but I know I'm not keeping as many cards anymore - I make too many and need to get rid of them!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and pray for more sunny skies in Seattle! Everyone is in such a good mood here when the sun is out!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quick post

to mention this blog of Katharina's where she has blog candy up for a Hanglar & Stanglar stamp - I checked it out after I was at Viv's blog and wow...how cute is this image! I want to win, but I also want you to have a chance to win -- so Katharina says there could be a 2nd or 3rd winner if there are enough entries, so get over there and get busy entering to win!

- Katharina's Blog - Enter today! :)

We're off to see the Dalai Lama today and then a party for my folks this evening. There's still plenty to do around here and I feel like I'm racing at 100 miles an hour... :( I'm not used to that!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So much goin on lately!

Things have been hectic and busy in this house! :(

Our neighbors invited us to go see Ray Romano who was in town with Brad Garrett on Monday. They were absolutely HILARIOUS - sort of naughty but just about everyone was dying laughing! We lucked out and snagged a parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT of the Paramount where the show was...only because our neighbor, Fred, decided to turn down a one way street the WRONG way! In Seattle (especially downtown), parking is very hard to find! We were ready to pay the rip off $45 for the lot down the street...and then we lucked out right in front! Wooo hooo! He drives like a mad man though...so next time we may opt for our own vehicle! lol

These kind friends/neighbors had wine and hors d'oeuvres for us before we left - including little tiny duck a l'orange medallions with truffle cheese (my absolute favorite cheese)! Chocolate covered strawberries, raspberry tarts, apricot tarts and a host of other truly delectable bites! YUM!! Oh, and a little Creme de Cassis topped with champagne that they brought back from France (they moved back here last summer after a nightmarish year in an old 1800's chateau near the Eiffel Tower). We were hoping we'd get to go and stay with them before they moved back to Seattle, but we couldn't get away long enough to visit :(

I also got to visit my high school friend (and maid of honor from my wedding years ago). She recently had shoulder surgery and needed some company - it's funny how really good friends never change - they are always just as much fun as you remember them being a long time ago! I heart my good friends - they are always there when I need 'em!

There are more busy days ahead....so I hope you all enjoy some creative time for me....maybe I'll live vicariously this week!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Favorite Colors...

on a card using some of my favorite things....

*Flowers (and lots of them)

*Ribbon (you can't see it, but the ribbon has a really cool iridescent group of threads running throughout)

*Bling (see the little centers that have pearls? They're colored with Copic markers!) I love being able to change the color on the pearl to whatever I happen to need at the moment.

Could you tell the butterfly and the surrounding circle image are on acetate? I put some ribbon UNDER the image so you could see that it's not stamped on paper. If you click on the closeup, you can see a tiny bit of a shadow where the circle image has 'loops' at the bottom of the pic. It's really hard to tell/see. The frog was a last minute addition as were the pink flowers - I thought it really needed a little bit of a 'pop' and the pinks definitely POP! lol

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Link it up!

This is a gal whose blog I love going to. Happens that yesterday was her blogiversary! You know what that means, right? Here's the link....go check it out! http://samm-l.blogspot.com/2008/04/its-my-blogoversary-blog-candy-alert.html

Happy Saturday! I hope to share something later today. We're off to Target!

Friday, April 4, 2008

I love Lockhart Stamps!

This one is the Ranunculas bouquet. It's a bright and cheery card - We need something bright and cheery where I live because it's been miserably wet all day long.

I did a wild coloring job and had to cover it up some with glitter - it was practically glowing it was so bright! lol Primas and bling - something happened on that orange flower - poor thing looks like it was smooshed!

I'm bummed vacation is practically over and it's back to work on Monday. I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend! I am! :) At least my honey is coming home tonight! Yippeee!! I'm making a blueberry buckle for us to enjoy!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

On a roll - two cards posted in one day!

Whipped out this one with BasicGrey because as you know, I'm trying to use some of my stash!! The bg paper is from an old BasicGrey 6x6 pad called Scarlett's Letter & ribbon is Martha Stewart - it's self-adhesive. Not liking that stuff very much. It's thin, and you can't use it to tie a bow or a knot if it's self adhesive!
Maybe next time I'll use some Primas! It seems like they've been missing on my last cards!? (That's a first!)

Just made a chicken pot pie for dinner. It sure smells good! Chocolate cake or Applesauce cake for dessert? Hmmm.....maybe I'll make both!

Also, I noticed the spam comments are back again, so please don't click on any of them - they're never good, and who wants to risk going somewhere icky anyhow? Not me!

~the Domestic Diva

Hubby comes home tomorrow night, so I don't plan to be scrappin or making cards! ;-)

Guava - is it groovy?

Not so much in my book! I don't really care for it but wanted to use it up, so I paired this combo today: Cameo coral, bright pink, pumpkin pie and groovy guava. It's not one to repeat! LOL

The heart tree is a Bella image that I had some extras already stamped out, so I just added color and some glitter. The saying is from one of the sets that I got at Joanns a long time ago. Behind the heart tree, the background is stamped using SU's stipple stripe, and Lizzie Anne's flower stamp. Ribbon is by May Arts, and patterned paper was in my pile o scraps!

Happy Thursday everyone! The week sure has gone by fast, hasn't it? This is supposed to be our last day of decent weather. It's really been nice to see the sun shining the past couple days!