Sunday, July 29, 2007

Overcast and cool today

I was supposed to finish up some swaps but instead I ended up organizing. I also want to share with you an AwESomE RAK -- you will need to peruse the many gorgeous photos from CHA and post which item(s) you are most exicited about, but that should be easy and fun! Here's the url:

Have a great Sunday afternoon, everyone! :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Finally have some sharing!!!

Sorry for the long absence! I have been without the camera cord for such a long time I was ready to go out and buy a new camera! Instead I was able to get my son to take a few shots of cards that I'd like to share!

I'm not so good at recipes for the cards, but if you want to know something specific, I will try to answer as best as I can! I used Berol Prismacolor pencils but did not have my blender fantastix things out where I could find them to use with odorless mineral spirits so the coloring may look kind of grainy.

Thanks for stopping by!! Leave a comment so I know someone was here! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blog candy!

Here's another place where you all can get a chance for some candy!!
I sure hope that link least you can cut & paste if not! Hope to get some stampin done tonight and MAYBE over the weekend share somethin?? (the camera cord needs some good karma!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well ladies, out of all those replies, only one person got the right answer!! It is SLUGS - YUCK!! I hate even typing that word....I have such an intense phobia, that if I see a slug on the page of a magazine or book, I will close that book as fast as I possibly can and get a piece of paper to cover the picture so I can resume reading... YUCK....Have you ever seen a banana one? GROSS!!!

So......Cathy, please email me your address and I will get your beautiful assortment of May ARTS ribbons out to you- YOU ARE THE WINNER! I am sorry I did not get the winner posted sooner. My car has been at the dealer getting a little fix...well a big fix. It's now a blasted big bill to go along with the fix. This afternoon they called and said another new part is $800 part - If I chose the aftermarket I could get the part for only $400. The only problem is that I'm now up to $3k in maintenance/repairs! WAHHHHHHHHHH!! There goes my second and maybe even third SU order....I'm bummed!!!!

Someone say or send me something to cheer me up - please! On top of all that, we didn't get a chance to get the camera cord. The one that we got was supposed to fit...but apparently it doesn't. I have lots of new cards to share/post, but I can't do it w/o the cord! DAD BURN IT!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Ok, there are only 3 of ya that have guessed! C'mon!!! I am going to give a clue -- no one has picked the right critter yet!! AGH!!!!! These creepy things are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yucky!! ECK! BLECH! YUCK!! I hate them in all sizes!!!

The weather has been really nice - around 80-ish and comfortable!

I finished my Cuttlebug swaps and the new camera cord is here, but it does not appear to work!! (#%!$@?) I am hoping we can get this resolved today! I want to put some cards up for all of you! I've been having soooooo much fun with my new SU stuff!!

My first order consisted of mostly patterned papers. I am thinking another order is due soon because I love ribbon and there are so many new ones! Here's what I got this time:

Patterned Papers
Porcelain Prints
Le Jardin
Fall Flowers
Monochromatic patterned in
b bayou
o olive
river rock
Ribbon Originals - theatre
Originals - sherbet
Originals - district
5/8" grossgrain in celery - great width for layering!!
taffeta in bashful blue (which I love!)
Fun & Fast Notes
the box of pretties

Stamp sets still on the "I Want list":
Dotted Autumn (w/ Autumn dots wheel)
maybe City of David (only because I saw some cute ornaments made with it)
big bold birthday
holiday blitz (maybe)
Bronc Buster
Think Happy Thoughts (maybe)
Happiness background
Sweet Sampler
Short & sweet
Jumbo Outline
Define Your life
In Color Re-inkers
All taffeta ribbons
All 5/8" grosgrain ribbons
Jersey Beach front & Fairy tale Ribbon Originals
All Double stitched ribbons

That's my entire want list. Unfortunately I think I have everything else that I want!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tagged by Kim!

I was tagged by Kim at I'm not sure how you add a hot link on here, so I've put the url -- if someone can tell me what needs to happen to make it interactive it would be most appreciated!

I'll do my best to comply with the 7 things about me and tagging 7 others! ;-)

Here goes:

1) I've been a lot better about tolerating WARM temperatures ever since I went to Las Vegas for a Stampin Up convention -- Where it was a sweltering 118 degrees the day we arrived. All the whining and complaining I had done about warm Seattle weather up to that point felt pretty wimpy after being in REALLY WARM temps! (Warm in Seattle used to mean 85-90 degrees of unbearable misery for me)!! But it's a freakin' 98 degrees today - and though it's a little on the warm side, I know better than to complain...when we hit 110 I'll see if I can pull a little whine out for y'all!

2) I have been stamping since about 1980 or first stamps were from a home accessories store at our local mall. I made some holiday cards and was embossing with a candle when I tipped it over and almost burned my parents living room!!!

3) I have enough MAY ARTS ribbon to open a store! ;-)

4) Favorite place to eat is a restaurant called Cutters at the Seattle waterfront...if you are ever in town, PLEASE make a point of stopping in to have a bite! If you are lucky enough to get my favorite waiter, Hank, you will know why I keep going back!

5) I would love to be able to quit my day job and spend all of my time creating stamped items and scrapbooks! I especially like making little mini scrapbooks rather than the big 12x12 albums! (Many of you could probably figure that out already)

6) I have the world's best husband!!! That's not to say I don't get mad at him every once in a while, but overall he is the BEST in the whole wide world!! :)

7)I have an intense fear of something that is creepy/crawly.....what do you think it is?

Let's make a little game out of this and the people who post correctly will have a chance to win some blog candy!!

I think it will be ribbons (May Arts, because they are my faves right now) and it will include some very neat faux suede ribbon in olive green, and several others!!! I don't have the new camera cord yet to upload pix...but hubby says one is on the way! Once I can put pics up again, I will post some pics of the pretty ribbons that you all have a chance to blog for! I'll take any entries on this post through Sunday at 10:00 p.m. If not one gets it right, I'll put all entries into a hat and have hubby 'pick a winner'....hahahaha...that sounds so sophomoric and gross, doesn't it?

What's your guess? (Oh, and be sure to leave a way for me to get in touch with you or make sure that you check back on Monday for the winning name!)

I will have to add the people that I've tagged in a bit...I'm not sure who I will include...

Happy Stampin, Everyone! Now go get yourselves a latte!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Teacher Tami's Blog Treats!!!

Happy Saturday! I ran across this blog and hope that someone else gets in on the chance for some bloggy candy!
Tami is a kindergarten teacher with blog candy!

Friday, July 6, 2007

May Arts Ribbon!!!!

Have you ever bought RIBBON that you fell in love with and looked to see who it was by and found the name May Arts? They have been a leading favorite of mine for many many years!

I've got an excessive amount of ribbon and I'd like to offer it to others - anyone interested? Let's start with just these three and see how things go. I have up to 40 yards of each style/color.

The first is a fun and funky black with hot pink diamonds running down the center. It is 3/8" wide. It is brighter and more vivid than the picture.

Then there is the 3/8" wide burgundy organdy with NICE white dots. These dots don't peel off like some of the others that I've bought in ribbon shares (it's yucky to have the dots peeling off!). Dots are even from both sides of the ribbon (meaning it's not printed on just one side).

Next roll is 3/8" wide pink with brown dots running through the center. The back side shows pink edges (about 1/8" wide strips of pink) and a brown center stripe with pink dots.

Cost for any of the ribbons is 3 yards for 1.00; shipping is $1 for every 3 yards. If you want a priority package I can put up to 70 yards into one of the larger boxes for 9.00 (includes delivery confirmation).

I picked some fresh raspberries from our neighbor's back yard yesterday and they are sublime! YUMMY!!!!! (Thank you Jean!)

Stampin is on the agenda tomorrow and over the weekend. I hope that somehow I can figure out how to upload pics without my camera cord to transfer the pics into the computer.

The weather is still absolutely GORGEOUS in Seattle! Have a great evening, everyone!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

I am making potato salad, deviled eggs and peanut butter cookies today. Hubby is doing the barbie!! YUM! Gotta clean house a little bit and then watch fireworks tonight! Hopefully there will be time to stamp also!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ok, so this is how it all works? I have a blog!!! I've never done this before, so I suppose it is time to give it a shot now that the new Stampin' Up catalog is out. I have decided to start now so I can post and share creative ideas and hopefully learn things from others at the same time.

I will get to do some stampin AND have an extra day off on Thursday so I'm really excited. Hope you all have something fun planned and if you don't, maybe you should get those stamps out and get busy!

I look forward to meeting, hearing from and hopefully inspiring some of you with my ideas and pages.

It is a warm 70 degrees here in Seattle on the eve of 4th of July and feels like Hawaii to me!

Aloha for now~