Friday, February 29, 2008

Double Whammy Friday

Woke up yesterday with a bit of a sticky feeling in my left eye. Dang. I think I picked up conjunctivitis from my old boss who was visiting at work. He made a point of not touching people, but I know it's highly contagious, so I made sure to wash up right away. Got it anyhow! And, not in one, but apparently in both. UGH! Topping that off, it's now raining! It started out sunny and gorgeous in Seattle ....but is drizzly and wet and cold now. It's been a while since it's rained, and I knew it was only a matter of time since I washed the car!!!

What is everyone up to this weekend? Anyone in Seattle area doing the Northwest Paper Chase? My friend Debbie and I spent ALL day Saturday (last weekend) going from one store to another - having the absolute best time ever!!! Her father recently passed away and we had wanted to get together for a while. The weather cooperated, and so we were off as soon as she was finished with work. I think we hit a dozen stores...and tried to also hit one last stamp store in West Seattle -- 25 miles away from where we started...and they closed 10 minutes before we got there :( Talk about a big bummer! Thank goodness we were both almost broke by that time.

I'll be posting some pics with my new fact, here is one of the cards that I made using some of the new I'm feeling good that I've bought stuff that I will actually USE and not just "Collect"!

Happy Friday!!
From the rainy and wet Emerald City~

P.S. Has anyone tried the new Honey Iced Latte from Starbucks?? We got it the other day when they first came out....OMG!!! I love it!!! It was yucky at first but then I took another sip and fell in love!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Card Share

Time for a Wedding Card Share! This is another card for Terry's scavenger hunt package. The image is quite old - by Denami. But I loved it enough to buy it in three sizes! And this is probably the first time any of them has been used! LOL!

The vines & buds were drawn on with a micron pigma marker and colored and glittered.

The wedding bells & greeting are from a clear stamp set that I think came from Joann's. Those little white pearls on the corner took me forever to find. And did you see the tiny little pearls on the bell clanger things too? They're soooo little!

Cardstock is Bazzill, papertrey white, and SU Ballet Blue.

Have a great night everyone, I'm off to bed 'early'....


Another card to share.

This is one of the cards I did for my buddy Terry G. We were doing a Scavenger hunt swap where each week we make an assigned card for our buddy. At the end of 6 weeks, she gets the cards and maybe a treat or something fun!! I don't think she comes to my blog. There aren't a lot of people that do, so I think I am pretty safe sharing this with you! :)

I should have used some of my new May Arts yellow Ric Rac *DARN!*

Ok, the next card swap that I do you'll be seeing lots of May Arts ribbon! LOL

Base is barely banana (again, my lack of photography skills is showing...that doesn't look banana, does it?) Then the patterned papers and the blue are from Joann's dollar packages of scrapbooking stuff. I bought it to make some baby boy things (mini album/frame/whatever) for a co-worker who had a grandson recently - I think there is still enough for some fun projects, this card used such a small amount. And you can't beat 4 sheets of paper for a buck!! The stamp is from A-Muse; Greeting is Micheal's $1 bin, and there is some pretty yellow ribbon with white printed flowers from Impress Rubber stamps - It was expensive by my standards - over a buck a yard and it's only 1/4" wide!

Have a great evening, everyone! I bet it rains tomorrow - I washed the car today....sorry Seattleites!

Monday, February 18, 2008

That GORGEOUS Ribbon has arrived :)

I am soooo glad I had the day off work today! I was able to take some pictures of the May Arts Ribbons that UPS JUST dropped off!

Some are BRAND NEW (the pink stripes and the blue stripes). Others I have ordered, and re-ordered many times...(the tried and true favorites!)

I thought the velvet ric rac in these soft colors would be nice to have for Easter, and other Springtime projects.

The blue and green ribbons are perfect for baby boy projects, and the pink/greens are perfect for my girly and Bella stamps!!

Have a great day everyone!

From Sunny in Seattle....

I'll post the widths and other info a little later. I'm on my way to pick up dd from her sleep-over.

14 years ago on this day we lost our 1st daughter, a darling baby girl named Cezanne Marie.
Happy Birthday dear Baby Cezanne!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tubbby old card that was never blogged about...

I think there are a lot of cards that I don't put on my blog. Mostly because ....well, there's no good reason except I'm lazy. Here's a card that was done last year I think. The image came from my friend Ruthann, and I'm not sure who it's by. If YOU know, please tell me - I think it's adorable and would love to look for it to add to my collection!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gina K Challenges fromSunday night

I didn't get to upload on Sunday, but they're in now - my versions of the Gina K. challenges.

EMGKD28 is the kitty Challenge from Erica - the card base is actually a really pretty light blue - baby blue even. But it does not photograph true to it's color in our dark NW weather...gray skies and all....

JBGKD28 challenge is the Red card with "Girl in the car" presented by Julie. My first set of Gina K stamps are on their way so I had to use other stamps on these challenges.

CKGKD28 is the purplish/seashell challenge from Cammie - This is a really old SU set paired with a Michael's $1 greeting. Click on it and the details really show up!

Have a great day everyone!

If you get a moment, go and check out Craft Critique! They've updated today!


Challenges are hard for me...but at least I used my stamps and stash!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Party Time!

CHA Party time, that is!

Craft Critique is a blog that regularly provides reviews and coverage of products that scrappers and stampers want, use, or covet. There are guest reviews, and regular reporters who share their knowledge and opinons. Starting today, they've announced there is some great blog candy from CHA ....YOU have a chance to win if you go and leave a comment on the post....check back each day because it will be sure to include lots of great news that we can look forward to! (and plan to budget $$ for later this season!).

Without further adieu, here is the link:

Enjoy your Sunday!!

Windy is the word in Seattle....very windy and gusty.
Take care!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

May Arts Ribbon will be here in 2 weeks!!!! YAY!!!

I am sooooo excited!! The May Arts ribbon was ordered Tuesday! Do you want to know now what I will have or wait until it's here?

Yipppeeee!!!I also have some 'other' news to share that has to do with May Arts....hmmmm....I wonder what it could be..... What do you think it is? Take a guess and tell me what you think the good news is! (no fair if you are one of the people that I told yesterday when I first found out)....

Well, along with the good news, I have some bad news friend/co-worker that dropped me off so I could get the ribbon got a big bad ticket. She is not familiar with the part of the city where the Seattle Convention & Trade center is located. It's on a tricky street, and I told her to be careful getting on the freeway to head home...I know she didn't understand what I was talking about, because she went the way I told her NOT to go....and got a ticket for $320....for getting on the freeway - Express Lanes - Carpool Only.... wahhhhhhhh.

Since she would never have been in that part of the city had it not been for me, I felt obligated to pay for her ticket....that means I will be broke for a while.....especially after also ordering ribbon!! DANG IT! She tried to explain to the Seattle Police that she did not know it was a carpool ONLY on-ramp...He said, "I hear that about 20 times a day." In other words, "Save your breath, Blondie, I've heard that before."

Let's end this post on a happier's a picture of the 6x6 scrapbook pages that we made at the Stampin Up meeting Saturday and a couple of Lizzie Anne Cupcake cards!

I've been in LOVE with cupcakes ever since Lizzie told me about New York Cupcake at Bellevue Square. That was one month ago. Since then I have had 22 do the math. If you see a big balloon going by soon, it is likely ME! LOL I have to get the sugar thing under control. Are you good at avoiding sweets? I'm NOT!

Have a lovely evening everyone. Weather tonight is very gusty - and a bit cool. and of course wet. It's always wet. Slugs like it. I don't like slugs. Blech. Time to end this entry!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Is velvet ribbon still 'in'??

I was at the gift show yesterday and am SOOOOOO tempted to order velvet ribbons! But they remind me of winter - and though they are great (PERFECT, I mean) for Valentine's cards, they don't seem like Spring-time embellishments (at least not to me). So, I am trying to decide if I want to go with an order of VELVET ribbon in all the colors or if I should stick with my original plan of the beautiful shimmery irridescent duo colors....or the beautiful stripes??

Also if you have a preference on width, what would you get? There is 1/4" or 3/8" or 1/2" and finally, 5/8" -- I tend to stick with 1/4" & 3/8" most (but not all) of the time.

What type and widths do YOU think is best? What is used most?

Have a great evening. It's really cold out (think 'threatening to snow cold', and 'wet' - I bet icy will be a better description in the morning though). What's the weather like where you're at? Hope you all stay dry and warm!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Friday Goodies from A-Muse Art Stamps in Greenwood, WA (Seattle)

Lookie!! I went to A-Muse to pick up some stamps for Donna on Friday (her blog is Ruby Slippers) - she lives in Eastern WA and though I've never met her in person, I've known her through the internet for at least 5 or 6 years. While shopping for her there, I couldn't resist the new Elzybells & Saltbox stamps! I only had time to grab a few, and then a few Valentine stamps, and then the rhinestone hearts at the counter....geez...see what happens when you have money to shop but no time? Mish mash assortment and no thought put into it!

I don't think the robber is new, but boy was there a cute card on display!! I wish I had brought the camera but I'll try to make my own version soon and share it! I picked up the Saltbox clear stamps but forgot to pull them out of the bag...what a bargain at only 7.75!! Can't wait to play with everything, but this weekend is pretty busy...I may have to wait until next weekend. :( Don't forget to check back! I'm planning to order May Arts from the show on Sunday!

We've got chilly weather but it's not raining, not windy and not snowing!
Have a great day!

Bella's getting heavy!

She's getting heavy because all of the metal embellishments and layers. I bet it takes two if not three stamps to mail these....

Saturday, February 2, 2008


These great projects were in the display area at the SU meeting that I attended today. It was held by my 5th upline, Denise Jorgensen, and her husband Iner + some of their downline. The meeting was fun, and it was nice to see some sideline gals and meet new ladies too!!

My upline, Annika Umbinetti is to the left, and Jill, my sideline, is to the right. I didn't make any swaps, but two ladies were nice and offered them to me because I liked their cards so much! :) Have a little peek at these fun ideas.

I'll be heading off to the Seattle Gift Show tomorrow. Hopefully won't spend too much though!! ACK!! I didn't order the May Arts Ribbon last time....I might just get some this time. It's been a WHILE since I've placed an order with them! We'll see......

I know there are at least six of you who were interested last time, and I'm betting there could be others stay tuned!