Sunday, August 31, 2008

The busy week has come to an end

This past week was crazy busy. Took me until today to get out to buy batteries for my camera. I spent some time with my very good friend whose husband suddenly passed away. She was actually divorced from him but they were still very very close. She found him in his house after his co-workers had not heard from him for a couple days. I cannot imagine how devastating that would be for me if I were in her shoes.

Friday I spent the evening with my stamping friend Jill. We usually go to the Farmer's Market together and bask in the summer sun. I met lots of her stamping friends on Friday and we feasted like pigs on all sorts of delightful treats. I started some cards but as usual, did not get to finish anything.

Saturday night our neighbors took us to one of the best steak places in town- Daniel's. It's right on the water at Lake Union near my work. These are the neighbors who had moved away to France a couple years ago, then came back because there were just too many things going wrong over there. We never got to visit them in their french chateau from the 1700's, but that's ok because last night they invited us to go with them in the spring! So, we are planning a wonderful, romantic trip to PARIS in the spring! :) Yippeee ki-yay! I have never even been out of the country except to Canada so it will be very exciting!

I've got a few pictures of cards that I made before the battery died.

All the stamps are from SU, but the baubles are from the Robin's Nest (dewdrops), and the rhinestones are from a share that I found on a blog. And the ribbon on the blue/brown/white card is from American Crafts.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hey -sorry about the off topic picture - I deleted it since it wasn't meant to go on the blog. I was trying to send it through Picassa and it didn't do what I wanted :( What you saw were pics of my daughter and her friends enjoying summer at the beach and at her friend's place.
Pics coming soon, I promise. :)
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Battery shopping

Is on my list of things left to do today. I wanted to post some new cards while it was still sunny and nice out, but the rechargeable batteries are DEAD. They won't hold a charge either so I think it's time to get new ones.

We had quite a downpour this afternoon - right around lunch time. And then on and off again all afternoon. I took my kids to the mall (separately) to get some back to school items. COULD NOT BELIEVE how crowded it was! I'm telling you, it was worse than Christmas! GEEZ!!!! We got in and out as fast as we could.

We stopped at Tar-Jay too, and I found some cute stuff in the dollar spot. I'm going to see if I can spiff it up a little and it will be on it's way to a new owner that I hope likes bargain make-overs! I'll photo it before it goes out the door :)


It is now 9:28 p.m. and the french doors are open, the windows are open (but screens are on) and it sounds like we might need to call Noah and the's just pouring - I'll bet we've had more than 2 inches of rain today....August 24th - summertime (except not in summertime in Seattle).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shares are filled & why I don't use Snail adhesive anymore....

We were able to get a 2nd share added (so a total of 8 people are involved), and I will post the other ribbon selections/style when they arrive. Thanks so much to those of you who joined in on the fun! I have one extra share besides my own that I can sacrifice in case you missed out. How exciting to know there are ribbon lovers who are addicted as me! :)

There is a big fat storm that is supposed to come our way tonight. That being the case, my neighbor, (gardener of a thousand roses), invited me to start hacking the flowers. I cut and cut and got poked and pricked! OUCH

There are no longer any empty vessels or vases in my house. I even used a big tall crock pot that we cook corn in during the summer. Now it's time to share some cards.

So my last two cards used snail adhesive. Check out the birthday card in blues/greens. Notice anything awry? It's the strip on the bottom...the mono adhesive tape runner stinks. It did not stick; rather it shifted and restuck itself all wonky like on the bottom of the card. I took the shots after cutting roses - when it was just starting to rain. Since I take the photos outside, there are specks of rain on the cards which I hope will dry up without leaving a pucker mark. There are raised layers which I couldn't get a good picture of, and the brown cupcake card is cut out and raised several times. The ribbon has a "Celebrate" sticker and some bling on it plus a pretty cherry colored pearl atop the cupcake!

It's coming down hard now, so I'm signing off. Maybe we'll have thunder & lightning!?


Monday, August 18, 2008


If you are interested in a new May Arts Ribbon share for the bumpy chenille dot ribbon, please let me know asap. I am going to get the single row of chenille dots. The cost for 20 yards (2 yards of each color), is $22. Shipping is a flat rate - 4.80. If you are local and want to meet me then you can avoid the shipping charge. The order will likely be placed tomorrow so post here asap if you want to join. I have spots for 2 or 3 people. The chenille ribbon retails at the craft store for about 1.39-1.79 a yard depending on their markup. No pictures today for the ribbon, so you will have to trust me on is FAB-U-LOUS!! Best when applied flat on a project, but can be made into a simple bow.

You won't regret getting it.

I'll put pics of the other ones on the blog when they come in. :)

Have a great (cool) night. We're down to the 60's from a 90 degree plus weekend.... :(


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cards posted on Saturday night

My internet was out last night and today. In fact, the power was out for a short time too....Could it have been our 91 degree weather? I don't know. It was HOT outside though.
Much cooler inside. Cooler is better when you want to make cards. Cards using some new Stampin Up stuff! Yay!

I am a little disappointed in the new colors:
kiwi kiss, red riding hood red, and tangerine tango ...they look so close to what we already have or had. However I LOVE the new blue, Pacific Point, though and the Pink Pirouette! And the stamps that are already die cut! It's a lot easier to actually get the stamps out and USE them right away! :) And with Baja Breeze we could have kept the Cool Carribbean color and I'd have been happy. I realize they ARE different, but not THAT much!

Here are my cards to share for today:

I used the wider green grosgrain to make a bow that my mom used to put on our Christmas packages when we were little. I've always loved that style of bow! The two 'dots' on either side of the sentiment are olive green rhinestones...not that sparkly but what can I say - they were cheap.

The red/pink/chocolate card is really off in the photo. The colors are not
right and I didn't even notice until just
now...the 2nd picture with the close up shows the color a bit more accurately.

What have YOU made with YOUR new Stampin Up stuff? Do y'all like what the new catalog has to offer?

I sure do! :)

Take care and have a great rest of the weekend!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics....

especially funny if you are a scrapbooker and know who Cathy Zielske is.....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Card & Close ups

It's been sunny and rainy off and on this weekend. Of course the car was in the driveway with the sunroof open when it started to rain at 4 a.m. - now it's sunny outside and the windows are up. I often work backwards like that.

I had a dead battery this morning too when I went to take my daughter to her friend's house. They were leaving for Richland (which is in the Tri-cities in Eastern Washington where it's HOT in the summertime) to visit her best friend for the week. It is soooo quiet in our house when she is gone! (That's both good and bad! - means I hate the kids bickering, but I miss her company). School starts soon, so things will change before I know it.

My project from last week still has no pictures so I won't show it just yet. Instead I have closeups and cards to share.

I am trying to work on my photography and just am not steady or able to take shots the way I want. So have close up shots on one card....

Here they are...

The closeups are of my favorite card made a while ago...couldn't give it away just yet, but I think my MIL may get it - her bday is next week.

The Chicken card is for someone who was battling cancer and is now in remission. I am still working on watercoloring and that card definitely has some creative colors in it! (Purple and pink chicken? Um, yeah, I don't think so)...

I've blabbed enough...

Have a great day, everyone!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Have you seen her?

I'm thoroughly impressed by this woman's talents:

Go take a peek - I'll bet you are impressed by her work too! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Heating up....

86 degrees today. Really nice. While I'm inside in a cool, comfy air-conditioned building, my 17 year old son is down the street at a Community Center doing some volunteer work in the sun...lifting and carrying heavy tables across a field for the Cascade Community Center block party. Good for him doing that hard work...but I think he strained one of his biceps. Not sure if he was trying to show off or just lifting too much because he's lazy and wanted to do 1/2 the work. He goes back tomorrow and it supposed to be 89 degrees. (He won't take a lunch break and refuses to drink anything...does anyone see a problem with this picture?)

Here's my card for today.... It's the SU hostess set that I bought from someone on SCS. The paper is from K& CO and SEI's Dillweed. It could use some embellishing but I am not sure what kind. What would you add and where? p.s. it's not quite a flourescenty as it appears in the picture, but it IS Cameo Coral, so it's bright. I need to add pictures to the weekend project that I was working on...(the garage sale project) so that's not quite ready yet.

Have a great afternoon everyone!

In case you haven't been to Katharina's blog, check it out - she's got these beautiful angelic stamps to giveaway! I hope I win them! If I do, then I can host my own giveaway on my blog! Wish me luck! lol

Enter at:
Katharina's Blog!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Testing Picasa....

Hopefully this will work. I made this card for Teri Conrad because I won some blog candy from her a while back. I hope she likes it. The image is a Hero Arts collage stamp that I got off of Ebay. Copics color the background. It actually was going to be a yellow background then I added some gray tones and it came out with this mellow greenish color. Works for me... The sun is out now - so whomever sent the sun to Seattle deserves thanks!

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Sintra board?

Just curious if anyone has used Sintra board or even heard of it....It's lightweight and very sturdy, sort of like mdf but way way lighter. I think it has alot of possibilities but don't know just what to use it for. I have a bunch of it in 7 1/2 x 12 1/2 pieces/sheets. It's about 1/4 inch thick. I'm going to google it now and see what it's really used for. My dad gave it to me thinking it could be used for SOMETHING - it becomes bendable when heated, and can hold a shape (unless it is again re-hearted and then it will start to lose it's shape). I know it'll be great, but I'm not sure what for! Got any ideas? I'd snap a pic but it just looks like a piece of smooth white plastic finish board....

And it IS acid free.....scrapbook covers are what's going through my mind...maybe they're embossable with a stamp when they're heated....I'd like to find out.

Sunless Sunday in Seattle

Here it is...Seafair Sunday and there is very little sun! :( I've got a few cards to share because I didn't finish the project yesterday. We ended up making cookies and my daughter wanted to curl my hair with her flat iron...what an

The hot pink and black card was giving me trouble....not sure why, but I didn't care for how it turned out. Someone at work bought it anyway thank goodness. Amazing what they will buy when they're desparate!

The next one with the turkey inspired flower was sort of a case I think from Mish's blog way back... my card isn't even close to her caliber, but I tried. The color is kind of blah and off in the picture. Imagine it more colorful....because it is! ;-)

And the bottom birthday card was a bunch of scraps that I wanted to use up. There is still so much stuff that I need to 'touch' so I don't feel like it's all just sitting there gathering dust!

Hope you all have a great Sunday and send us some sun please!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Garage sale......

at the local scrapbook store this morning. I wasn't going to go, but then my scrapbook-safari buddy, Debbie, said to meet her there. I could not disappoint her, could I? I'm sooo proud! I only spent $22 and got a big paper grocery bag FULL of stuff! wooohoo!! The checkout lady cut my bill a little.... it was 'cash only' and I didn't have any more cash! lol....I'm working on a project now that I picked up at the sale and will share it later today! (hope I can get it finished before it's dark out!)... the weather isn't very sunny. And it's Seafair Weekend! I hope to maybe get a shot of the Blue Angels from our deck..that'd make a cool scrapbook page~

later gator!