Sunday, October 28, 2007

10.27.07 cards

It's still nice and sunny but cold in Seattle! :) Hope it lasts through Halloween. I have a few more cards to show, but need to get working on my kid's Halloween costume. She is going as one of the characters from Disney...their group is all going as a Disney character. I hope I get some good pictures of them to share! Last year I got a really great series of pictures and made a really cute little Halloween mini scrapbook...If I get a chance I'll take some pictures later today.

The Hawaiian card is for a challenge - Tracy's Birthday card challenge! You could choose either Disney or a Hawaiian theme. I was too lazy to dig out Disney stamps, so this is what was made.

Day #17 challenge - The rose & gold colored card is made with a Cuttlebug embossing folder and gold pearl ex applied to the raised portion. (I used Versamark to make the Pearl Ex stick). Simple and easy - under 10 minutes from start to finish...except I added the brads which were embossed with gold e.p. - it took me a while to find my tweezers to hold the brad while it was heating, so that actually doubled the time it took to make the card - but still under 30 minutes!

Also, I wag tagged by Nitestamper. I'm supposed to tell you random things about me...and then tag 7 more people. I'm pretty lame when it comes to these tagging games especially if they involve doing a lot...this one I think I can handle though. Except I am not sure that I know 7 people who have not already been tagged....I will give it a shot anyway.

Randomness about me:

1) I've worked for one company more than 17 years (now that's a LONG time!)

2) I would rather stay home than scurry around for vacation - that way I can do whatever I want, whenever I want to! - no planes to catch, deadlines, or anything else....just hangin out stampin & visiting friends and family!

3) Little kids are drawn to me and always want me to play with them!!

4) Favorite foods - Bruschetta, Open faced crab sandwich from Cutters Bayhouse, ice cream - Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, and homemade macaroni & cheese

5) I watch HGTV or TLC at bedtime almost every night....

6) I love to entertain and make special meals for friends and family, but have done very little since we got our Westie...she makes my life stressful at times with all that barking...but hubby and the kids love her...

7) I LOVE color - in my house, in my wardrobe, in nature, everywhere...I love to see color!!!

Thanks for stopping by


Tracy.H said...

I love your card!! Thanks for playin' along with this months Challenge and Good Luck!! :0)

Angel Wilde said...

COOL card for sketch 17! I like it~!

Vicki C said...

You cards are always Gorgeous!

as for your question about the charms from the bracelet I had posted on my blog. I think they must have changed there policy, ..because "I" certainly did NOT order $200 worth of charms... HOLY MOLY! lol

nitestamper said...

Hi elaine,
it's so nice to know a little bit more about you. I watched hgtv, goes with my morning coffee :)
thanks for playing !!!!