Friday, June 27, 2008

PIF this weekend~

After a long spell of not posting I've got something fun...I was one of the first players to do Abra Leah's Pay it forward and so I am going to pay it forward to three people. Later, on Saturday, I'll post the picture of what she sent me and when to sign up to be one of the first three. Not sure what the PIF will be, but I hope whatever it is, that you like it!

We're heading off to the Greenwood Classic Car show (the one that closes down the street so that A-Muse Stamps doesn't have parking in front of their store), and off to Molbak's annual plant sale, and lots of other fun stuff. Our weather was glorious today - I drove around with the top open with my boss and a co-worker and we just marveled at how beautiful our city was... all afternoon. I'm in love with the beauty of our city today :) I was the driver, so I don't have any pictures...didn't even think about it, in fact. :(

Have a great weekend!


Abra Leah Cross said...

How fun! have an A*Muse STORE near you????!!! I am SO thoroughly jealous!! At least they have fast shipping. :)

~amy~ said...

Hi ya!!! Hey, I didn't get your message until after my garage sale...although now I'm having a virtual one :) Did you get your mini?!!!!