Friday, December 5, 2008

Card share 12.07.08

There was soooo much going on this week! On top of all that, my car decided it didn't want to start after I was already out in the a parking garage in Bellevue (on Wednesday). I had to park down several levels in the garage...where your cell phone does not work. Hours later AAA got me going again (they still can hot-wire a car if needed, ask me how I know)....

Anyway, the car is back home happy now!

Maybe you've got a favorite car - if so, tell me what it is. I need some sort of fuel economy (though nothing can be worse than the 5.51/gallon that I was paying just a couple months ago)....and I want heated seats + all wheel drive...everything else is just icing...I should have been out shopping for a car this weekend but it just didn't happen.

About the cards...I start a lot of things but always seem to get distracted so finishing things is a problem around here.

Inside the blue card is a dollar stamp - I like that little topiary! Might have to use it on other cards too soon! On the front is an Elzybells image from A-Muse. But I don't actually own the stamp - it was an image that I traded for...wish I had bought that stamp now! Pretend you don't see the message that I wrote too. I should've shot the picture before I wrote the message, but did it backwards...oops.

The other card uses K & Co.'s Swell Noel. I love, love, love that line! The colors are so perfect for card making, and I just love the old-fashioned images! On the front is an A-Muse image with glitter all around. Have a great evening everyone!


p.s. I was tagged a few times, but I am not good at getting those up. I will really try to do it later tonight!


~amy~ said...

Hey You!!! Glad your car is back at home :) CUTE cards!!!

Chelsea Ling said...

cute cards!!

Mary O.K. said...

Ooooh! That's MY card-- and it's ten times more beautiful than even a photo can show. Thank you for the delightful work of art, Elaine.
Best Wishes,
Mary O.K.

Allison said...

These are the A*muse stamps with this color palette!

Tammi said...

Bummer about the car troubles, hope it doesn't do that again! Both cute cards...I LOVE the K&Co paper too, one of my favorite lines.

I hope you like the cookies! :) Merry Christmas!