Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting Caught Up on the Week that just passed

The week passed quickly.... I'm still doing the 365 Cards Blog Challenges! But I really didn't get to do much crafting at all during the week, so I'm getting caught up while it's pouring outside.

Here's what happened THIS WEEK...

Our kids wear braces...neither of them wears their headgear as much as they know what that means when they go for a check up, right? They (we) get in trouble....this time it looks bad enough that their treatment plans will be altered :(

The next day The Seattle Times had more layoffs (they were in my department - in fact it affected our team, though somewhat indirectly). The P.I. is shutting it's print publication (which isn't THAT big of a deal, but it's been a part of the Seattle Times for so's hard to see the change move forward). I think today was the first day they did not print the P.I.

The next evening I attended an event for my boss at the Meydenbauer Center in downtown Bellevue - he had other commitments but really wanted the Seattle Times to have a presence, and I'm a great person for that kind of stuff! It was the Bellevue Downtown Association Awards Ceremony & Dinner with an intriguing Mountaineer guest speaker named Ed Viesturs (even my hubby knew about him).....After cocktails they served a divine dinner with a to-die for french apple dessert!!

My aunt had a birthday, and I even got her card in the mail on time!

We had a funeral for my great Aunty Mary of Mary Pang's frozen foods. There was a nice write up in the newspaper the day before the funeral. One of my many cousins officiated at the funeral and did an awesome, amazing job (it was a very difficult one because of some of the circumstances involved).

Then, the same evening as the funeral, one of my good friends turned 40 and we surprised her at a wonderful party in Wallingford at Tutta Bella (mouth-watering pizza and other italian fare). I'm not much of a pizza person, but I'd go back for the eggplant pizza...i know....Eggplant (yuck) but I guarantee you'll love it!~ We had too much wine (thus had to stay a LONG time) and a lot of Tiramisu too.

And then I got to make cards for the challenge. This one is to use 5 patterned papers (these are all from Basic Grey's Mellow line), and use 5 embellishments. It was harder than I thought!

Anyway off to craft more...enjoy the afternoon - hope you have decent weather where you're at!

Elaine :)


Viv said...

Being in the UK Elaine, I didn't understand most of your post but the bits I did were very interesting! LOL

Loving this card. You did the challenge real justice.
Viv xx

Pam said...

A wonderful card with a lovely sentiment :)

~amy~ said...

Excellent card Elaine!!! sheesh, you were super busy this week...sorry about the layoffs...we went through that a couple weeks ago....sorry to hear about your Great Aunt :( Good to hear about getting your Aunt's birthday card in the mail in time..oh boy, it's 1:30 a.m. and I'm blurfing...sigh...I should go to bed but I only have 9 more in my google reader :)

Steph said...

OMG what a week you've had - I'm surprised you had time to make such a lovely card! xxx

Jamee said...

i like how you put the button in the flower!

Anonymous said...

Hey Elaine! Whew, girl, you have been busy! I know what you mean about braces. I have them on and SHOULD be wearing rubberbands. Thanks for the reminder!

I didn't know you work in the paper industry. I was with the San Jose Mercury News for 5 years!

Sorry to hear about your Aunty Mary.

Awesome take on the challenge, Elaine! I LOVE your card using all that wonderful Mellow paper!!!

Allison said...

This looks like a hard what you did with all that Mellow DP! Have fun and relax (I never did right by my orthodontist either!).