Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give Thanks...

We have so much to be thankful for....not just this year, but every year. Most everyone in my family is doing well (health wise) and is happy. I can't begin to list everything that I'm thankful for - from family, to my job, to friends (especially the friends that I've met online/through blogging), and being able to find time to create! We are blessed and I am very thankful. (Even when my internet is out for a week at a time -- I know that Bruce will come home and be able to fix it...and in the meanwhile, I get to spend time with the kids who go through withdrawal from not being online as much as I do!)

I hope you have many things to be thankful for as well.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Here are some cards that will arrive late at their destinations but nevertheless I actually got them into envelopes this year rather than having them sit half finished on the kitchen table!

Thanks for taking time to visit! :)



~amy~ said...

Hey girlie!!! Happy belated thanksgiving!!!! Thanks for your email:) Are you going out today for some shopping? We are:)

Fabulous cards...I'm so thankful that I met you sista!

Julie said...

Hi Elaine! Thanks for visiting me today and for your very kind comments! I'm not a regular teacher...I'm a naturalist at the county park here and we go out to the schools in the fall to teach classes about the Indians/wildlife/plants of the area--so very only once in a while for a few hours! I'm sure I'd still make time for stamping if it was full-time, though! Thanks!

Vicki C said...

As always.. TOTALLY CUTE cards my friend!

Allison said...

Super fun and the vivid patterns of the DP!

Dee Dee said...

Love the blue mixed into the Autumn colors. :)