Sunday, November 9, 2008

A-Muse(d) on a Friday Night!

Friday night I WAS able to go to the A-Muse Cupcake Social at their new location in Greenwood! At first I thought work was going to interfere and I wouldn't be able to go :( But everything turned out and I had soooo much fun!

I was able to meet the adorable Amy Tsuruta of Tsuruta Designs, (she's holding our Make n Take)...we were naughty and tried to CUT (unintentionally) in the line...and got caught by the stamp patrol...LOL and Novell Eckstrom from Splitcoast, and Julie HRR too! Talk about a fun bunch of crazy women! If you only could have been there......

It was nice to see some familiar faces as well....Kandi, Donna, and of course, Linda, the owner of A Muse Art Stamps! And Jen D too...who says most people do not remember her last name...and she's right - I didn't remember it :( (I'm a loozer!) The place was like wall to wall A Muse Addicts and A Muse Designers and Instructors! One could not wish to be in a better was like Stamp Heaven I tell you!

There were delicious BIG Cupcakes with little stamped images of the A-Muse cupcakes on the picks, and some tasty red beverages served in tiny little martini glasses. (I'd like another, please!)

Our Goodie Bags were packed up sweetly with the brand new Cupcake set, Pink AND Red Dotted Notecards, An Assortment of Pretty Little Paper Gift Card Enclosures, some Creative Candy Rhinestones (multi colored package), a yummy "Hey Cupcake" stamp and Reversible PINK striped Ribbon!! It's the best Party Favor Bag ever!

I filled a little shopping basket up but was able to stop myself before my credit card declined! :) I want to post a photo shortly of the goodies, but for now I'm sharing the pics of the PEOPLE! (somehow not all of my pics are on my memory card .... boohoo...) At least some of them are ok! Maybe the batteries going dead had something to do with it? Novell and Amy, I don't have the pics we took together :( If you took one, could you email it to me please?)

Stop by the A-Muse Store if you get a chance. Linda and her posse did an incredible job renovating it into it's current blissful state!



~amy~ said...

Hey YOU! I loved meeting you in person!!! You are FAB-U-Lous!!! I had a ball-0-rama on Friday night...they should have those once a month! Thanks for sharing your pics...I'll have mine up tomorrow morning! Have a super evening!! And YES, we'll have to get together!!!!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Great pictures, this looks like a it was a really fun event!
xo Lidy

Tammi said...

Oh fun!! I'd of spent way to much if I'd have gone, looks like you all had a great time.

Sounds like you might need to format your camera.

Abra Leah Cross said...

SO SO SO jealous!!!! There is NO place near me that sells A*Muse stamps. I always have to order them with a phone order. :)

I'm glad you had fun, though!!

Jen said...

So glad I got to meet you in person!!! I had a great time! Love your blog!!