Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ok, so this is how it all works? I have a blog!!! I've never done this before, so I suppose it is time to give it a shot now that the new Stampin' Up catalog is out. I have decided to start now so I can post and share creative ideas and hopefully learn things from others at the same time.

I will get to do some stampin AND have an extra day off on Thursday so I'm really excited. Hope you all have something fun planned and if you don't, maybe you should get those stamps out and get busy!

I look forward to meeting, hearing from and hopefully inspiring some of you with my ideas and pages.

It is a warm 70 degrees here in Seattle on the eve of 4th of July and feels like Hawaii to me!

Aloha for now~


Kim said...

Good Luck with your new Blog! I just wanted to thank you for the encouraging words you left on my blog and I invite you to play a game of Tag. You're it. Just visit my blog for the rules and once again thanks for your kindness,

Jen said...


you should've told me you FINALLY started your blog. Each time I came here to look for your email address, nothing was found... I was totally bummed. Surprised to see your title on Allison's page today...and I was like...not... and lo' n' behold... you have your page finally going!!!! I'm so proud of you...can't wait to see n' read what you've got in store!!!

hugs n' aloha,