Friday, July 6, 2007

May Arts Ribbon!!!!

Have you ever bought RIBBON that you fell in love with and looked to see who it was by and found the name May Arts? They have been a leading favorite of mine for many many years!

I've got an excessive amount of ribbon and I'd like to offer it to others - anyone interested? Let's start with just these three and see how things go. I have up to 40 yards of each style/color.

The first is a fun and funky black with hot pink diamonds running down the center. It is 3/8" wide. It is brighter and more vivid than the picture.

Then there is the 3/8" wide burgundy organdy with NICE white dots. These dots don't peel off like some of the others that I've bought in ribbon shares (it's yucky to have the dots peeling off!). Dots are even from both sides of the ribbon (meaning it's not printed on just one side).

Next roll is 3/8" wide pink with brown dots running through the center. The back side shows pink edges (about 1/8" wide strips of pink) and a brown center stripe with pink dots.

Cost for any of the ribbons is 3 yards for 1.00; shipping is $1 for every 3 yards. If you want a priority package I can put up to 70 yards into one of the larger boxes for 9.00 (includes delivery confirmation).

I picked some fresh raspberries from our neighbor's back yard yesterday and they are sublime! YUMMY!!!!! (Thank you Jean!)

Stampin is on the agenda tomorrow and over the weekend. I hope that somehow I can figure out how to upload pics without my camera cord to transfer the pics into the computer.

The weather is still absolutely GORGEOUS in Seattle! Have a great evening, everyone!!

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