Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spreading Holiday Cheer....

Ok, I was reading Trudee's blog and it led me to Teri Conrad's site (she created Webster's beautifull patterned papers). I simply could not resist the chance to participate in her 12 days of Christmas event, so I am linking up as instructed!! Go have a look see and find out for yourself why this looks to be sooooo much fun and irresistible!

Teri Conrad's blog:

Teri Conrad designs:

There are some fabulous items, but I can't shop....I'm out of money this week because Frugalities just had a 49% off day yesterday - that also means I am going to have to delay my Stampin Up order for a bit too.... I made several mini scrapbook items that I needed to photograph, and didn't get to before they went to their recipients. I'm hoping I can still get some pictures of the projects and post them - I love how they all turned out!! :)

-It's cold and windy in Seattle - and we're expecting a little storm tomorrow...hope we keep our power on!!

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Terri Conrad said...

Hi there,

hey - whoo whoo yeewhoo
you're the winner from yesterday's "12 Days of Christmas" on my blog. I was unable to link to your blog yesterday, and just found it on a search.

email me with all your info.

Your pic isn't showing up on your blog - I'd love to see your work.

Terri Conrad