Monday, December 17, 2007

Orders from We R Memory Keepers!

WOW!!! OMG! I put in a really big order a couple weeks ago for the We R Memory Keepers sale....they carry the big square tins in copper, pewter, vintage brass, and silver finish. It's a box of accessory findings (very much like the Hodgepodge Hardware sets that Stampin Up sells). I got my huge order today, and inside, instead of one 'box', I got a cardboard BOX full of hoddgepodge boxes!! - I think they made a mistake! I will have to write back to see what they want me to do with the extras. Maybe they will say KEEP EM and give them as blog candy! LOL I hope so!! Anyway, I was thrilled to know the order arrived. One of the other items was short, but I suppose I can live with that especially if they say to keep the extra tins!!! Happy Monday everyone!!

-It was pouring rain this morning - just dumping buckets! it's supposed to be that way all week long! U.G.H.


Jan Scholl said...

I placed a huge order too and am still waiting on it. I contacted them this morning because it said online my order went out Dec 3. I see from the tracking that it went out Dec 14 by UPS-so maybe because its so late being sent, they are rewarding you. It better be here soon as mine were christmas raffle items for a local fundraiser.

SpAzzGiRL said...

I just got this hardware as a gift, I didn't even know it existed before, I am so outta the loop.

Jan Scholl said...

Did you see my post earlier? I got my order today the 19th and your mistake is also my mistake. did you hear back from them? I cant find an email for you but mine in under my profile (I set up one just for my blog that isnt linked to anything else if that is helpful for not getting spam)

malieta said...

Well I hope you get everything straightened out Elaine! Here's hoping that the rain "goes away and comes back another day".
Happy Holiday Wishes to you Elaine

Michelle said...

What a surprise! Hopefully, you will get to keep the extras!

Cambria Turnbow said...

Hi Elaine! Here is the recipe for the cookies you wanted. Enjoy babe!!!