Monday, January 5, 2009

I may be turning the corner....

and doing scrapping more than stamping/card-making! I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my cousin and aunt (who were also at the CK convention with me) at a Quick Quotes Event held at the Great Wolf Water Park Resort in Grand Mound, WA. It was a super cool, fun event that I would highly recommend. I think we ended up making 12 layouts/projects? Actually it was more...closer to 20 I think. I had sooo much fun but did not remember a camera :( Carrie (my cousin) brought her camera though and so I hope she will send me a picture so I can start scrapping ON TIME this year!

Oh, and btw, for those of you who ARE scrapbookers, there's a cool giveaway on this blog:
So go and check it out if you scrap! Then come back here and tell me that the snow has got to stop. Last night our power was out. Today, my first day back to work, I had to get a ride in again! It's getting old. I think I can make it on my own tomorrow, but it's just getting old....know what I mean?

These pictures are my favorite projects - love those blue and orange scrapbook papers and using canvas boards for the wall hanging PLUS Vellum for the page layouts - so much fun!

New Year's Eve, my friend Jill and I spent the ENTIRE day out shopping (Impress, Michaels, Ikea, Paper Zone, Target, etc) From one flippin outrageous sale to the next...wayyyyyy past a respectable hour that one should be out shopping on New Year's Eve....then we had the best Thai food at SouthCenter's "Simply Thai" - OMG it was sooooo tasty! You gotta check it out if you like Thai food!

Then on New Year's Day, I had my aunt Linda come and visit us. On the way to take her home, we stopped at a couple of the Target stores (to look for a new video game that my son wanted) and I scored the Target mailboxes for a buck! Lots of them! :) HoHoHo it feels like Christmas again!

Happy New Year, everyone!


~amy~ said...

Wow...look at you were super productive...both in the scrapbooking and the

Abra Leah Cross said...

Awesome work! I got a bunch of the mailboxes, too!

Rach said...

oh wow!
This is fabulous, love the colour that you have used. hugs rachxx

Tammi said...

These are fabulous!! Great colors and design...I used to scrapbook, need to get back into it!

Kelly said...

Wow, these are fabulous!!