Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ribbon makes my world go round!

Do you like ribbon as much as I do? Hopefully not because my husband says it is a sickness.
I could sit and look at ribbon all day long - it's like a whole bunch of pretty little rainbows inside the house!

I think they're too pretty not to share! You should click on the pictures and see the TEXTURES on each of the is amazing!

The BIG ric rac has a ribbed texture and is very soft and pliable. The pom-pom edged ribbons have little fluffy poms on the edges - soft and cute! The webby stuff (in orange and black) is amazing when layered with a solid ribbon underneath!

Then there's the velvet corduroy ribbon - just like the fabric...ribbed, soft, and velvety!

The white edge stitched Grosgrain is deeply saturated with color - and it is a nice WIDE 1" in width!

Ruffled edged suede has been on my list for a long time - but after seeing it at the scrapbook store for $.75 a foot, I decided to wait, save my money and buy it this way instead... it came out to less than a dollar a YARD...not a foot! :) Oh happy day for me, sad day for hubby...there is ribbon everywhere!

Each roll has between 10 and 30 yards. That's a lot even if you like ribbon a lot, isn't it? I do need to sell some of it...the good news is that I will sell it at very, very good prices! I know of two people that were interested so far....if anyone else would like some, please email me at and I will give you prices or do you think it's better to post it here?

Later I might get to post the cards I made yesterday... :)


Liann said...

yumm0 ribbon..just in time for the holidays.....TFS

Let it Shine said...

UH, yes! You ribbon pics make me giddy! My best friend and I plot how to get the best deal with ribbon!


Katrina said...

Wow Elaine those ribbons are stunning, love the snowflake one and the crinkley stuff. All so lovely and colourful. I completely get it as I have a thing for ribbon too!


Katrina xx