Monday, October 27, 2008

Bookmark Challenge

So Angel has a bookmark project as the challenge today. I think this is such a cute idea (making a custom bookmarker) and will be adding it to the Tailgate Recipe book that I'm doing for my co-worker friend for their annual fundraiser auction. Not this particular bookmark, but something similar. That's a ways down the road though.

For now I'm posting so I can enter Angel's challenge! I like the colors sort of 'fall like' and how the Copic markers show up nicely even on Kraft colored cardstock! The stamps are from Kim Hughes' line at Cornish Heritage Farms. I couldn't find my tiny star stamp so I drew them with a copic multi-liner's means it's a 5-star recipe! Kim has some of THE cutest stamp stuff around!

Our weather was so nice today that my dad came over and offered to detail my car! Yay! I tried washing/waxing it myself yesterday but it was a slow go and I'm NOT good at it! I gave up. My car is 25 years old but I LOVE it and hate to give it up for a new one. I might have to if this winter has a lot of snow. I don't have front wheel drive :( and Bruce has to take me to work if we have very much snow.

Hope you like the little bookmark - I'm going to bed early tonight. Too much staying up late and feeling tired the next day....



Angel said...

What a cute bookmark and I love the 5 star recipe idea!

Tammi said...

Great idea with the "5 stars" then recipe, cute bookmark!

malieta said...

Your bookmark is so cute Elaine!
Please don't mention the word snow. The weather is is turning pretty cold "up here". After Halloween, we can expect snow anytime:(