Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hopefully I'll get this set up right. It's soooo awesome!! I hope either myself or someone that I know will win! It's a gorgeous handmade quilt in a sweet pattern of sunflowers - I just love it! Wish me luck and if you must, go and enter! I put this up so I could have more chances to win - well and so you could see the quilt that I'm going to be GETTING soon! ;-)

From Pigtails and Snails:

Have a good evening, everyone! I'm glad my hubby comes home tomorrow because one of my kids actually asked me the following last week:

"How come we don't really eat when dad's gone?" I told him, "Well, mom has so many important things to do, like going to work, taking care of the dog (who has been sick), and STAMPING! Once those are done, then we'll eat!" LOL - He's 17 and was sort of joking - well maybe not - he usually gets pizza on Fridays when dad is home. I don't buy pizza...can't stand it. So we skipped it and to him that means we didn't eat! He even added Pizza to my grocery list! geesh - trying to make me feel guilty!


~amy~ said...

Hey, I thought I was winning that ultra gorgeous quilt :)

Chuckled at your pizza story :)

Dee Dee said...

Oooh that quilt is delicious.