Wednesday, February 6, 2008

May Arts Ribbon will be here in 2 weeks!!!! YAY!!!

I am sooooo excited!! The May Arts ribbon was ordered Tuesday! Do you want to know now what I will have or wait until it's here?

Yipppeeee!!!I also have some 'other' news to share that has to do with May Arts....hmmmm....I wonder what it could be..... What do you think it is? Take a guess and tell me what you think the good news is! (no fair if you are one of the people that I told yesterday when I first found out)....

Well, along with the good news, I have some bad news friend/co-worker that dropped me off so I could get the ribbon got a big bad ticket. She is not familiar with the part of the city where the Seattle Convention & Trade center is located. It's on a tricky street, and I told her to be careful getting on the freeway to head home...I know she didn't understand what I was talking about, because she went the way I told her NOT to go....and got a ticket for $320....for getting on the freeway - Express Lanes - Carpool Only.... wahhhhhhhh.

Since she would never have been in that part of the city had it not been for me, I felt obligated to pay for her ticket....that means I will be broke for a while.....especially after also ordering ribbon!! DANG IT! She tried to explain to the Seattle Police that she did not know it was a carpool ONLY on-ramp...He said, "I hear that about 20 times a day." In other words, "Save your breath, Blondie, I've heard that before."

Let's end this post on a happier's a picture of the 6x6 scrapbook pages that we made at the Stampin Up meeting Saturday and a couple of Lizzie Anne Cupcake cards!

I've been in LOVE with cupcakes ever since Lizzie told me about New York Cupcake at Bellevue Square. That was one month ago. Since then I have had 22 do the math. If you see a big balloon going by soon, it is likely ME! LOL I have to get the sugar thing under control. Are you good at avoiding sweets? I'm NOT!

Have a lovely evening everyone. Weather tonight is very gusty - and a bit cool. and of course wet. It's always wet. Slugs like it. I don't like slugs. Blech. Time to end this entry!


Deb said...

OMGOSH!! What a terrific place to come! I can't comment on ALL YOUR WONDERFUL creations, would take me forever and it would be a repeat for each one! FABULOUS!! Love everything here! You are so talented! Off to look some more, Great Inspiration!!

Heather LeAnn said...

Lovely creations. Thanks for joining me on my blog for 2000 hit candy! I just had to say your comment was really really funny! I laughed out loud! Hubby asked what was so funny, and I couldn't tell him in case I actually worked up the courage to do what you said to do! LOL...Have a great weekend and good luck with the candy!