Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Can you believe I forgot to wear green?? We have a spirited bunch at work and I knew I was in trouble when I walked into our meeting this morning and there were all kinds 'o green all over the place!! YOWZA!! It was quite pretty actually!! Everything from Olive, to hunter, bright kelly and lime green, and pale mint green, deep emerald, and every other green you can think of. We have 30 people in attendance at Monday's meetings...eek!

Anyway, here's my St. Patty's day card for y'all. it's not the most creative card, but at least I used the rub ons from DCWV from Joanns! They were bought during one of my weekend expeditions!

Happy Green Irish/Shamrock/Leprechaun Day!!



Dee Dee said...

Hope you didn't get pinched too much. :)

~amy~ said...

Oh that's funny...there was a gal in my office that did the same thing! Cute card!!!

Catherine said...

too cute!