Saturday, March 1, 2008

QVC item....

I ordered an item from QVC's craft day last month. It was a product that Lisa Bearnson has put her name on, and I thought I'd share today.

The kit is called, "Make an Impression - Embossing Kit". I think it came to a total of $26 or $27 with shipping and tax. There are 23 shape templates, a stylus, and a booklet of tips and tricks. They are made of acrylic. It all stores very neatly in a dandy long rectangular box. If I had seen it in person at the store I probably would not have bought it for this price. The acrylic isn't a thick piece of acrylic, but rather like the stiff acrylic packaging that we all have a terrible time opening.

Cute designs though! Some of them were 'warped' and don't lay flat. For that reason, I MAY send it back -- because it's the swirls that are warped...they're probably the best ones, right??

Here's the card:
(for some strange reason I can't add the card right now, so I will post and then try to edit in order to add it)....

Have a great evening!


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