Saturday, March 1, 2008

What do YOU do with fibers? Here's what Dannette did!

I am stumped as to why I was so enamoured with fibers. Now I have tons of fibers and don't know what to use them on. This card was my attempt to use some...mind you there's about a thousand times more than this in my will probably need to find a new home soon.

Dannette Ruger apparently knows how to use fibers the RIGHT WAY! She sent me a darling Bella RAK using fibers AND bling! - it's adorable! Thank you so much, Dannette!! Isn't that little flufffy pom-pom made of fibers cute?? It fits the pajama & slippers theme just right!

I hope you're all having a great weekend! I plan to get out and wash the car again this weekend because it's already so covered in a layer of dusty/residue from the rains yesterday.

Take care everyone!


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Kerry Davis said...

I'm with you -- I adore fibers, but rarely use them. Hmm, maybe you can just wrap them around several times, so they're thicker like ribbon??