Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally loaded some projects to share!

The new camera is GREAT!!!!!!! (...when it focuses right!)

I am not sure how or why the two shots on one project came up so poorly. I use the auto setting and all of the other pictures came out nice! But I took those two pages over and over and they still look blurry. DH said it was because I was shaking the camera or moved it when I shot...8 times in a row though?? .... I think it could be more than that! The other 45 shots came out much clearer!

In any case, here's one of the projects: It is football season and some of the gals that I work with have sons who play football so I did a couple of mini albums. This is the first one, for Zachz pictures. I forgot there is also a little plaque that has his initials, "ZG" that I'll add to the ring and hopefully remember to take a picture of before giving it away!

First pic is the front cover and a little extra chipboard card that I attached with the ball-linked-chain stuff (the chain came off a pair of jeans that my son got- and it was free! I wish I could remember which jeans they were - we'd go buy more of them!). Does anyone know where to get this in the dark bronze color? I need more for other projects!

Second picture is the back of the card and another shot of the cover.

Next are the inside pages - there is an interactive chipboard that swings around and says "Win" on one of the pages. Since these are small coaster sized pages I didn't have a lot of room for too much stuff. Mostly it is stickers and some patterned paper. Most ribbon seemed a little too girly so I kept it to a minimum. The only part that I really struggled with were the eyelets. On the back side of the eyelets it looks crummy. I may go for some punched reinforcements to cover up the unsightly eyelets on the back side. If you have any suggestions on how to fix them, let me know! I'm not giving this to her until the end of the week.

So there's today's project. I will try to re-take the bad pages on the other projects. All are mini-scrapbooks thus far - no cards. Sorry!

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malieta said...

I love your notebook project! You did a fantastic job with everything. The pictures are great too. I really need a better camera.