Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day!

The last official weekend before summer....a signal that the long lazy days of summer are coming to an end....time to go back to school....and a busy month ahead!

We just came home from visiting my sister-in-law at the lake. The weather could not have been better. Upper 80's and very dry. We spent 95% of the time sitting around the pool or on the boat in the lake. We're all a little more tan now! (and hubby is looking good!!! - Oh, yessss!) The kids want me to take them to the mall for one last shopping trip which means my bank account and credit cards will be burned even further...

I did make a couple cards while we were at the lake, but it was hard to want to do anything other than sit and relax while in the sun...and some people kept splashing anyway!

I hope you all had an enjoyable summer! My order from May Arts is due in any day -- and my birthday is coming up so maybe, just maybe I'll get a new camera or a new cord so I can start putting my cards and things up!!! :)

Happy end of summer, everyone!! For those of you that love fall festivities, time to get ready for pumpkins and feasts!!


ayah said...

Elaine, your vacation sounded wonderful. I love all the Fall Festivles, we are having our garden Fall Festivle next week-end, I don't have anything to exhibit as this was my first year of having the community garden and my vegetables did not grow well.

Please see my blog, you won some of my blog candy.


ayah said...

Elaine, can you explain to me how you set your setting so anonymous comments are not allowed. I have a couple friends who don't have blogs who do post anonymous, but I try to get people to at least sign their names. I don't give blog candy to anyone who posts without signing their name. There is so much I need to learn about managing my blog. Thanks for any help.


malieta said...

I hope you get a camera for your birthday also! My birthday is Sept. 15th, when is yours?
Tomorrow I will be posting some blog candy and will give it away on my birthday.

Joanne B. said...

elaine, thanks so much for your super sweet comment just now! So glad you liked today's card. Having a rough night tonight, so this totally made my day! ;-)


Shabbychick Junk said...

Hiya! Just popping in to say thanks for entering my blog candy contest! Hope the copics are working out for you..I'm getting mine soon too! Nice to meet you!