Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saturday's at Susan G Komen croppin event...and blog candy!!

On Saturday my friend Tammy and I drove more than 1 & 1/2 hours to reach Olympia, WA for a 12 hour cropping event. Normally we would not go that far for a one day event - and this time we knew we needed to leave well before the event was over for a prior committment. (One cannot pass up a chance to crop, right?)

Since I was lucky enough to win the tickets for the crop thanks to Deanna Shain at and we decided to GO! (I think I was one of two people that entered...what are the chances? oh yea, 50/50...I'm so glad I got it though!)

We had a FABULOUS time and met a mother & daugher scrappin 'team' who sat across from us. Team Ardelle and Stephanie were up on ALL the latest and greatest stuff! These ladies were HOT on the scrappin scene I tell you! I only wish I had thought to bring a camera! DANG! Anyway, it was an entire day of fun, laughter, creativity (there were two WONDERFUL make n takes, a great auction with benefits proceeding Susan G Komen breast cancer awareness, lots of snackies, and a yummy pizza dinner!).

We had a chauffer for the day who drove us back and forth to the sponsoring store, "Sharin Memories", in Olympia - WOW!!! I thought I was lucky to have Lasting Memories scrapbooking store right here near my home, but BOY OH BOY - this new place was AWESOME!!! I keep trying to talk them into opening a store closer to me (so I can go and work there and buy them a mansion with all the stuff that I would be buying!) If you are EVER in WA and get a chance to stop by this place, you GOTTA check them out!! They carry a bunch of great stamps and there are tons of super great, top-notch creative samples all over the store! Thank you so much to Deanna Shain, Patti, Sharon, and all of the ladies and especially our wonderful chauffer!! I am sorry Mr. Chauffer, but I never got your name! :( We dearly appreciated the extra special attention that we got!

I will put some pics up hopefully later tonight showing you all what I made! And I will also get the blog candy up. Here's what the blog candy deal is: The all day crop was free, right, because I won the tickets! However, you all know what happens when you get something for free....that means you saved a lot of money... and when you save a lot of money, it means you can buy other stuff!!!! Well, anyone want to guess what the total for my buying spree was that day?? Let's include the coffee and muffin at Starbucks when I started the day...all the way to the end of the day when I finished up with a latte and espresso coffee-cake. The person who comes closest to the penny without going over will win the blog candy! Picture with the blog candy to come....I have to gather it all together first!!! :) I'll take guesses through Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time. As always, no one is to share the final answer with my husband...he knows the crop was free...and that's all he needs to know!

P.S. I've also gone PINK for October!! I hope you all share information on breast cancer awareness with the women in your lives!! And give them a little love kiss and hug while you're at it!

And check out these VERY fun, very cute little witch shoe treat holders from wiggydl on splitcoast:



Jan Scholl said...


CAKVD said...

Oooh!! I'll say $153.64.

Can't wait to see what the real number is!!!
Cheryl KVD

MANDEE said...

I will say 75.01... i bet whatever you bought was worth it!!!

malieta said...

This is a tough one Elaine, I am going to say $145.99
The "candy" assortment is really cool! You are very generous Elaine.

Corinna is said...

No fair, Jan picked my guess.. though mine is "only" $260.

Monica-FC said...

I say 125.00 that sounds like alot of fun you had.

Jules said...

I will leave a guess of $87.30. Thanks for giving away blog candy! I think it is great that you got to crop for free! I think it is funny that you still spent a lot of money. I am so curious, LOL! This is fun!

Allison said...

I will say 184...I woulda spent more! Ha!