Thursday, September 20, 2007

Long time no see!!

Well ladies, it's been a busy month!

Summer appears to be over in Seattle. The weather is cool and not very pretty outside. I have been on vacation this week and we had my daughter's birthday, nephew's birthday, brother's birthday, our anniversary and my birthday! WHEW....ya know what? We're not done with birthdays yet!!! -- December must be a really good time of year for our families, huh?? heheheh!

The REALLY good news: I got a new CAMERA!!!! And that's not all! Hubby also ordered a new camera cord (again) for the first camera. SO, I can take pictures of all the things that I made this week! I've been on a roll with mini scrapbooks!!

My Papertrey replacement tin arrived, and I realized that I had not yet ordered my new sets from the latest release! I did buy candy to fill the tins, and wouldn't you know - it never made it to the containers - just disappeared, right from the bag that I brought it home in! I don't know what happened, but it may be time to get a detective to figure out who's eating all the candy in the house! Time to get cracking on those little cute containers so no more candy disappears!

Oh yes, and I think some blog candy may be in order soon. Probably closer to the end of the month once all these birthdays have passed! yikes~ This is worse than Christmas time!


malieta said...

Finally!!!!!!!!I can't wait to see your cards!
You guys should be one happy bunch, Virgo's and Libra's get along good together.

Shabbychick Junk said...


Just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comments! I provided a link to an online store that sells that cat album if you're interested. I bought the cat quite a few weeks ago and since the store is going out of business I doubt that they have any left. When I shopped there 3 weeks ago they only had 2 of the albums. If you want to give it a try, you can call Memory Mania, Woodbury MN 651-731-7766.