Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunless Sunday in Seattle

Here it is...Seafair Sunday and there is very little sun! :( I've got a few cards to share because I didn't finish the project yesterday. We ended up making cookies and my daughter wanted to curl my hair with her flat iron...what an

The hot pink and black card was giving me trouble....not sure why, but I didn't care for how it turned out. Someone at work bought it anyway thank goodness. Amazing what they will buy when they're desparate!

The next one with the turkey inspired flower was sort of a case I think from Mish's blog way back... my card isn't even close to her caliber, but I tried. The color is kind of blah and off in the picture. Imagine it more colorful....because it is! ;-)

And the bottom birthday card was a bunch of scraps that I wanted to use up. There is still so much stuff that I need to 'touch' so I don't feel like it's all just sitting there gathering dust!

Hope you all have a great Sunday and send us some sun please!



~amy~ said...

What fun cards Elaine!!! I know, what is up with this weather?? It is making me lazy and eat alot..okay, so maybe that isn't ALL because of the My daughter put make up on me the other didn't look that bad...but way more than I ever use and she so graciously offered to do it for me one morning for Have a super sunday!!

malieta said...

Very pretty cards Elaine!!
I think they all are adorable especially the black and pink card!